ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ НА СОКОЛИНУЮ ГОРУ! Слушайте голос рабочей окраины!

Sokolinaya Gora is Moscow’s oldest industrial district with a history more than 300 years long. It derives its name, which means Falcon Mountain in Russian, from a royal falcon yard that stood there in the mid-17th century, in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, to keep falcons and merlins for royal hunts. With the accession of Peter I (the Great), the area was chosen as a site for an army cantonment (the elite Semenovsky Regiment). In the late 18th to the early 19th century, army cantonments gradually gave way to merchant and commoner households and early manufactories. More plants and factories built here on the wave of revolution in science and technology and the establishment of science research institutions changed the district’s appearance and status from a factory backyard to a leading industrial center in Moscow. The district today has more than 60 industrial enterprises, service establishments and research organizations, including an automatic heat engineering equipment plant and a mechanical machinery plant. Its extensive social services network includes educational establishments, libraries, a movie theater, and community and recreational centers. The district boasts a dolphinarium, which is a favorite amusement park for adults and children alike. Dolphins, long held to be man’s most devoted friends, put on daily circus shows for the public here. Street names in the Sokolinaya Gora District go back into history. The Major Lane, for example, comes from the name of a brass band leader, drum major; Mead Lane (or Mead Street) derives from the royal mead brewery nearby. Zoo Street is a reminder of a road that used to cross the area to the Izmailovo Forest where Russian royals had a zoo.

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